Star Legends, Free Space mmo for Ipad / Iphone / Android



I am here again with a new mmo for all platforms but especially made ​​to play on our phones or tablets.


Some time ago I introduced a game called Pocket Legends and this one is a remodeled version of the game but with a spatial settings.

The story begins with a tutorial in which one explain the basic things we do and we will use to escape through a pod. From there we will discover the story step by step.

The game has 3 classes (in this section is very small).

Engineer: It deals with buff and heal. Use electric gloves

Command: Armed with heavy weapons and equipment

Operative: Equipped with two fast weapons.

Graphically speaking the game has improved somewhat compared to the previous title of the company but do not expect any artwork for our phones and going well in our machines. The sound is right. Gameplay becomes the same than in Pocket Legends but based in a more futuristic plane, with the same simplified system the experience to play a mmo in our phones is a pleasant experience.

If you like games based on the future and you liked Pocket legends, this may be your game. It is also completely free and you can play from the Chrome browser for Mac / Windows also.

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