Pocket Legends, nice free mmo for Iphone / Ipad / Android


After trying some mmo for my iphone, i´m surprised and I consider this one of the best mmo games for our small machines.This game, plays very well and is not very complicated, as well as advise for people who has never played any mmo for its ease of use and because with just press one button takes you directly to the different missions, plus you board directly with other people without having to waste time searching.
The playability is unquestionable, everything is designed to play on our iphone / Ipad / Android and greatly simplifies everything about raids and pvp. Also if you want to play a quick game or casual game is possible.

The graphics are childlike (they look like stuffed animals) but are quite good and move very well in our machines. The music and sounds also have good quality.

A free game quite good and highly recommended for all audiences.

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