Play 2 moons Dekaron, action mmo for Mac / Linux / Windows


Dekaron belongs to the so-called Extreme Action Games, and it is advisable to have more than 18 years to play, lots of blood. Dekaron is 2moons European version, which has already long opened.

This is a classic mmo cut, kill and do quests to gain experience and level up, so you can raise stats. For each level you get 5 points to improve your stats (Strength, Dexerity, Health and Spirit).

The profession and race you can choose go together:

-Azure Knights: They are the most balanced, can be equipped with swords, one in each hand, and clubs.

-Sagita Hunters: Agile and deadly at long distances, powerful skills to his bow.

Incar Magicians-: Guardians of Gaia, dominate the elements.

Vicious Summoners-: Control monsters to help humans.

-Segnales: Healers of the game.

-Bagi Warriors: Big, strong and destructive. The brute force to power.

As mentioned above, the professions and races are predetermined. Races are single-sex. The characters can not be characterized (change hair, face …), here we dont have many possibilities.

The skills are divided into trees, is a system used by as many games as Worl Of Warcraft.

The graphics is taken care of, the characters are ok, some more than others (Bagis stand), the scenarios are well modeled. There are a variety of monsters to kill and they are well done. The most notable are the fights animations.
The characters look better at high levels, since the items are very well designed: armor, weapons, helmets …
The gameplay, although the classic, comes to good times especially in PvP mode.

To play in Windows have no problem but for Mac / Linux need to use a private server and download the game client.

Here are a multitude of servers, choose one and ready:

The Wine configuration:

1 – Create Wrapper with version 1.4.

2 – Go to Winetricks and install: dot20, ie8, dx3d9, vcrun2005, vcrun2008, msxml3, vcrun6, wininet, host. Fonts: All Asian and corefonts.

3 – Download the full client of a page (depending on the chosen server we found), also copying the folder from Windows.

4 – install, update and create account

5 – Play.

A game recommended for action lovers. If you have problems for install make us questions and we try to help you.

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