Top 10+ Ranking FREE MAC / Linux / Windows games (alternatives to Worlf of Warcraft)



Hi all, we have updated our list of best TOP free games, take a big view because I surprised with many changes in this ranking. I wait your opinions to change the position and if you want advice about them you just have to ask .

Here’s the direct link:

New VIDEO “Smashing Heads in Dragon Nest GAME”




Here is another video of this amazing and wonderful free online mmo game, this mission happens in mines and played in maximum difficulty with a Dps Paladin. I hope you  enjoy and try this incredible game.



Neverwinter. Play free Dungeon’s & Dragons on your screen. Personal review.




Remember some old RPG game called Neverwinter ? I’m bringing  the latest version of this game and now is online and multiplayer mmo game .

In case you do not remember , these games are based on the world ‘s most famous rpg Dungeon ‘s & Dragons as one would expect this game is the same but with some changes and make an upgrade to the present times as some better graphics and a system more combat focused action. Previously, I talk about another game called Dungeon ‘s Dragons on the top of my list and although placed ToP still think it’s a great game, I think this Neverwinter is superiror and have many things to offer and totally free ( Dungeon ‘s & Dragons had to buy the expansions the original was free )with than the typical store micropayments.

After downloading from Perfect World will move to the selection of characters to choose between different races :


Half- Elf
Half- Orc
Menzoberranzan Renegade
Moon Elf
Sun Elf
Wood Elf
And the different classes for now are 6:

Control Wizard
Devoted Cleric
Guardian Fighter
Great Weapon Fighter
Trickster Rogue
Hunter Ranger


I select moon elf and created a Guardian Fighter, specializing in tank class. After passing the tutorial (really dull) had to kill the first boss of the game, a Beast of flesh and muscle that does not hit too hard , the fight is more focused on action as is normalin the latest batch of MMO games and is fun for his game speed . Passing the boss come to the big city and here we will open the desire of adventure because everything seems very well structured and you can PVP since level 10 and can be tested in typical Flag Game 5 vs 5 also included. Also surprised by the large amount of equipment we have at our disposal and the system of professions is the most polished I’ve found without need to go find and create things and we can do it from anywhere including from a web page and anger creating while we’re playing , eating or sleeping.


On the technical side we met some nice and colorful graph . Will give you a 8.5 because not reach the quality of Tera

The musical section have nice quality. 9

The gameplay is very good and from level 10 can now try out a lot of what this game offers . 9 also


A highly recommended game and has much to offer,and
it’s free to download also.

Tera Online personal Review. Play for free this amazing MMO





Well today I bring you the famous Tera Online , an action- mmo game with top quality and also free for all .

Case you did not already know, this game came out a few years and said he would become the Wow killer but did not get it; recently happened to free to play mode  which have got a lot of players.

Let’s see what brings us :

– The whole game is situated in the world of Arborea

– No factions , or no world PvP

– We have 8 classes

Berserker , Slayer , Warrior , Lancer (melee classes) , Mystic, Priest ( healer and support, but also makes dps ) Mage and Archer ( range dps)

– 6 different races, although the differences are only cosmetic and little else.

-2 Ways to level up doing quests or killing BAMS ( Big Ass Monster) which come to be gigantic enemies with powerful attacks that are usually on the map.

– Duels PvP, Battlegrounds .

– Dungeons and raids.

So much for the summary and now I will say my personal opinion about  this action- mmo .



After downloading the game, you have several gigabytes and quite slow . I proceed to create a character and seeing all the possibilities i select Mystic  one healer and support class but also makes invocations ( that I find very interesting). The Mystic class, is not DPS but they make changes to invocations to  and dps greatly improved.

The first missions are located on an island, you can jump but I advise to finish to  learn how to play , when we left the island left me surprised with transport in Pegaso and with his  incredible graphics . Well,  first impressions we are amazing and this game has stolen my (finally) time in WoW.

We go to the technical section .

The graphics are the best I’ve seen in a game of this type , you will not see anything better on the market. 9

Sound also has good highlights and musics . 8

Gameplay here is notable because the system is different than other games and kill BAMS is an amazing experience ( I still remember the first time I found one ) . Other 9


This game is not carrying a 10 because is not perfect but is the best I ‘ve found , fully recommended and number 1 on my list from now.

Dragon Nest fast guide for Dummies




We will give some tips to help you start in this wonderful game.

– Dungeons let us choose difficulty, usually in hard can be passed without too much trouble .

– The Abyss difficulty level is very difficult if you are not well equipped , equipping green armor to +8 makes possible to make alone

– A level 15 give us an assignment that enabled us to specialize our class with another subclass.

– We have 5 types of armor and weapons :
Gray : It ‘s the first to start with
Green :If  You enchanted to +8 are a very cheap and easy option
Blue : Better than green but more difficult to ascend, and have more options like Enchantment
Golden : Best armor and expensive to ascend, until we make +8 is not worth it but if you get are the best choice
Dwellings : Difficult to get and  more charming, just in the highest level.

– Different forms of Enchant :
Augment : Enchant armor and weapons to +12 level ( latter very difficult to get) . With the Blacksmith .
Suffix : Add spells that last a few seconds but very good. Also with the Blacksmith
Code : usually increase with different characteristics such HP , Intelingencia , Strength etc . You can buy or get in dungeons

From level 24 we can start our first Nest ( raid) by pressing the key “O” group we can find , here you get the best equipment and the best pieces to delight .

Gold flies very fast , sell at auction and always have room in your bags to sell the rest.