New GAME Aura Kingdom free for all. And First look Video also



Hello everyone, hope of manga based games have left the closed beta and is now available for download from Aeria for everyone. Take a look because this game is not wasted and here are the direct links:

video game

Aion Fast GAME Guide for Dummies

aionvideo game

I bring you a quick guide for game Aion where I explain how to start playing this great game .

To begin we will discuss the two types of retailers in america NC Soft and europe Gameforge . And you will wonder that differentiate the reason is that the European version let you play for free but this very gelding and can not use thing like mail and sell at auctions , of course this is arranged purchasing a Goldpack that lasts a month also can be purchased at auction without spending a euro but will cost  millions it’s wortof gold, an advantage is translated into Spanish also. Totally unlike the American server is free uncut .

If the language is not an impediment play on the American server

– We have 4 types of armor and weapons

White: can be purchased at the dealer , are basic and just generally have armor without other features

Green : They are better than the previous ones, and we have to look to start the game

Blue : elite armor are better than before, the bosses usually drop them

Golden : Best to game to level 50, have the best features

Eternal : Without a doubt the best in the game and are usually available at level 50

– You can increase in three ways , begin to do from the beginning

mana stones : If you have holes you can put these stones that give extra features and very valuable , I notice that if you fail you will lose all what you have previously

Enchanting : Enchant armor can be up to +15, the downside is that if you fail you lose 1 side. This stones can also extract from armor .

Increase: This is for the later levels and the best armor .

– This game is also highly dependent on food, beverages , potions, scrolles not hesitate to use them or you die a lot.

– In each area you can get coins for armor / weapons coin , your priority should be these coins and get these armors , especially gold . Some missions are repeated and are easy to make among several times, which means more coins faster.

– At level 15 we can enter the first dungeon for 1 person ” Haramel ” enter and you level very fast

– About the level 30 we can travel to an area that is destroyed in space, The abyss. Here you get abyss points and many things.

– The best armor / weapons are from the abyss and can buy with abyss points and medals .


PVP is very important and can happen anywhere , enter into the opposing zone , fighting in the Abyss , conquer strongholds in Abyss , Attacks on Dredgion ( Balaur ship ) , duels, crucible arenas , we have to spare. The PvE is also very present and there are many dungeons to go.

I hope you liked my guide for beginners, the next guide we start with the various classes.



New Video: GAME Tera Online Mystic BAMS Killer


Here we have a new video, directly from my computer, about this amazing game named Tera Online.


In this video you can see my Mystic, an hibrid class healer and support, killing some BAMS (big ass Monster). Our dps is not very good but with the last changes our invocations make a nice damage.

Here is the video:



Merry Merry Christmas to everyone !!!!!


FREE GAMES of the week “”Castlevania the Lecarde Chronicles”


If you like vampire game series  Castlevania, here I bring you  a totally free remake of Castlevania created by fans of this incredible saga that has long been with us.

It is a platform game with great quality and because this has been positioned as a free game this week. Do not hesitate and take a look at this great game.

Here you can find the direct link to get all information and also can download this wonderful game: