Neo Imperio / Tantra Online, mmo for the hispanic community Mac / Linux / Windows



I’ve brought a new mmo but this is directed to the Hispanic world is fully translated and have a very large Hispanic community. Let’s look at their characteristics.

Originally this game is called Tantra Online but this version Neo Empire is very evolved and led to the Castilian speakers.



Neo-Empire traces its origins to the dawn of humanity. The arrival of life began with a time coexisted peacefully where gods and humans. All in a perfect cycle in a natural order, a balance of long-term undisturbed, until it was a terror to evil threaten this balance. The great wars erupted and the battles between gods and humans spread provcando great cataclysms.

From the horrors of war presented a powerful evil. Our mission is to eliminate them.



Entire 3D camera views

Customize your characters

Experience real-time game

Communicate with other players


Interact with teams


Players vs. Players

Increase your experience at these events:

Events Wars GvG

Gods of War Events

Extra experience all weekend

Races and classes

FIGHTER OR AKIRA: Has a great ability in close combat, it also has auras healing abilities and defensive, the two professions are: NAKAYUDA, which is a melee attack, with some support auras; VYDIA, this is a supporting character with more skills and more advanced healing auras further support to revive other pjs, has a large amount of blood which makes it very tough but very little ability to attack.

VALKIRIE or BARBARIAN: This is a very powerful physical character and great defensive ability, but weak on its own or elemental magic attacks, also has an important feature is that it is the only one having two stun or fainting attacks . The two professions are: bathing machine which is a very powerful physical attack with a very good defense. SATYA or better known as TANK, is the character most physically defensive capabilities and even more blood than VYDIA though, the tank can not be cured as vydia at least q receives less damage Him.

WIZARD OR Sorceress: This is a very powerful magic character and very little defensive capability but does not need it since it’s ranged attack, their attacks are powerful but very slow but very effective ps almost never misses a beat. The two professions are: ABIKARA, which is a magician of great destructive power, but also spends a lot of mana.  SAMABAT this is a less destructive but has the wonderful ability to invoke a “manager” who
I will defend and faced the enemy until this fall or is defeated, because of this the sama can take a while to destroy it, also has an aura that regenerates mana and one that avoids the first attack, which is why this kind of magician is a little more resistant than abikara who must come face to face with the enemy and finish it in three or four attacks before they met and defeated xD. It should be noted that both wizards have the same skills area attacks.

MURDERER OR AMAZON: Is the fastest in terms of movement and attack, is of little defense but has an aura that absorbs physical damage, also can become invisible, although it is not the only pj has the “STUN”, if you have a skill that prevents moving the enemy but you can attack, and can be used remotely. The two professions are: DRUKA or better known as dagger this pj is of direct attack, also with powerful abilities, the Karya or ARCHER is a pj Ranged attacks are more effective, but much slower and attacks farther than the magician himself and also almost never misses a beat.

(Information collected)

The game have a graphics outdated but perfectly fulfills. The sound is typical but also fulfilled. Where really shines is in the gameplay (this game remenbers me  Shaiya), PvE is not bad and let it play very well as downside is perhaps that level rises too fast, the PvP if it’s fun and you can fight anywhere but if you die you can get losing material.

From here you can download the game:

To play on Mac / Linux (Lion did not work, but in Leopard yes) wine will use the following steps:

1 – Create Wrapper with version 1.4.

2 – Go to Winetricks and install: dot20, ie8, dx3d9, vcrun2005, vcrun2008, msxml3, vcrun6, wininet, host. Fonts: All Asian and corefonts.

3 – download  the game on web or even copying the folder from Windows.

4 – install, update and create account

5 – Play.

PD: If dont work change msvcrt.dll to built in.

A game recommended for Spanish speakers, also has a very extended community.

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