Lord of the Rings, amazing Free mmorpg for Mac / Linux


What was my surprise to see this fabulous game have a version for mac, because out there’s a game client for our machines but not all are good news as I explain below.

After searching around the web for the best mmo games I decided to try “The Lord of the Rings” on my Mac. I found a ready-made client after looking at Fileplanet.com but also I realized that it was nothing but a version of wineskin, but since it was created I started to download, 11 gigabytes, you need to wait until is downloaded and then be need update to the latest version. For update go to tools/patch in Pylotro (is the client and updater)

After updating, I tried it and it works but occasionally the game crashes and as you will understand that’s not good for an online game. Well I think I found a way to stabilize crashes by simply changing the version of Wine (which has a very old) to 1.4 which is the more stable, thanks to this I’ve played 3 hours without crashes. For the Linux people, the game runs but you need to create your own wrapper.

Let’s talk about the game, is based on the famous books but provides an alternative history and resolve gradually. If you are expecting a fast mmo, this is not going to be because it usually goes quite slowly and doing missions. This is not to say it’s bad if you like the role and a good story you will enjoy it. Of course you can also join others to do dungeons. The PvP is very little and only makes a kind of monsters duels.

The technical section of this game is stunning, lifelike graphics (not like type deformed Wow) and incredible sound quality.This game was developed by the creators of Dungeons & Dragons Online. The gameplay is very good and invites you to do the missions to see the history.

As i said a great game, and also free, may not all want but do not hesitate to try it.

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