Lineage 2, play this game in Mac/Linux


After many problems I managed to install this game on my Mac, I’ve lost a lot of time but here I explain how to install it, of course using our friend Wineskin and at no cost because right now this game is free.

This game goes out  few years ago on the market but it is quite popular to the mmo fans players, with the last expansion they removed the  monthly fee so is totally free. The graphics seems a bit old (unreal engine 2), where this game really shines is in PvP because is very competitive.

The latest update “Goddes of destruction” from the official server, sorry but dont work. The problem comes from the protection system called Gameguard, this little program have problems with Wine, so you can install this game and create characters but alerts you when entering the game, gameguard fails.

The solution is to play older version (particularly Gracia: Final) and a private server, in this case i choose one of the most important.

From here we can Download the game and the patch:

Then have to patch it (from Windows or Parallels, the patch does not work in Wine). After applying the patch copy the folder inside the Wine in the program and from Winetricks install:

Fonts: corefonts, eufonts, opensymbol, tahoma

Dlls: d3dx9, MFC42, msscript, msxml4, msxml6, richtx32,vb6run, vcrun6, vcrun6sp6, vcrun2008, XmlLite

After all this we just need to create an account and play.

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