How to play World of Warcraft 4.06 / 4.3.4 in private server !!




This is a guide to play in monster-wow server, but i recommend everyone to buy this game and try in retail Blizzard servers (is not very expensive) because the game experience and the lack of bugs is better in retail, but if you want you can use this guide.

The priority is to have Wow upgraded to 4.06 or 4.1 (more than this dont work), later you connect to this files:


If you need the patches you can connect to wowwiki:

When you have upgraded until 4.06/4.1, need to open the first files and go to the Wow files and open world of with right button mouse and select see contents, them go to contents/macos/ and live there the file; you can delete the file or save outside.

And the last, wow files again and open data/eng (or your language)
open the file with Texedit and change the information with this Set realmlist and change the changes.

Ready, now you need to create an account in and play. This guide is only for intel computers with leopard, old g4 or g5 can play also but in Wow Lich King expansion.

I wait you in the game, my name is Medialife

WOW 4.3.4 Twilight.

After looking at the options, it is no way to play natively on Mac to the upgrade 4.3.4 in a private server.

For that reason we will use Wine to play on Mac

Download Wineskin :

Now comes the hard part (if you do not know, of course

1 – Create Wrapper with version 1.4.(or other one )


2 – Go to winetricks and install: dot20, ie8, dx3d9, vcrun2005, vcrun2008, msxml3, vcrun6, wininet, host. Fonts: All Asian and corefonts.

3 – Download the game and the patcher from:

4 – When downloaded, unzip the patcher and copy it all to your game folder overwriting the with new files. We use the patcher .Bat (which will change all the necessary), I advise to do it from Windows or Parallels because the patches usually do not work in Wine.

5 – Now we just move the wow folder inside the wrapper and select world of warcraft.exe with Wineskin.


If gives problems, change mcwrt.dll to native or built-in until it works

Boot from “debug test run” will work forever if not, just double click on the Wrapper.

If you are in doubt ask me and i can help, this can be a bit difficult at first.

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