How to play Dungeons & Dragons Online in our Macs


Here is the guide to play this incredible free rpg, sorry the delay but problems with the server would not let me time.

Video Game:

This game is incompatible for Mac, but let’s make it work. Follow me:

1- First is to download Crossover, I suggest you buy it , trial version. The properties of this program is to make possible to install Windows programs on both Mac and Linux. Open the file and drag it to the Applications folder.2-Open Crossover, select install program and select unsuportedaplications / community and the DDO list online.3 – From now on we have to wait because you have to download 8GB and install various programs, accept everything.

4-When installed send to a menu to open and other options,deselect everything and finish.

5-Now is a good time to create an account on the website of the game.

6 – Search Crossover folder and open the program from library pyLotRo (this is the program that connects to the game), selecting tools / Wizard and change the game to DDO (the Lord of the Rings is selected standard) and navegate to tools / patch a couple of times to upgrade to the latest version.

7-Now we just fill the login and play.

If you need help do not hesitate to contact me and I’ll try to help for install.


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