Forsaken World, amazing mmo for Mac / Linux (last changes)


After a long look in the free mmo scene, I decided to try the game Forsaken World from Perfect World company because I found it quite interesting.

The truth, is a very complete mmo and has a very interesting story.The graphics are very good for a free game and acclimate all very well. Here you have a list of options:

5 distinct races-We can choose between humans, elves, dwarves, vampires and stonemen.
8 classes only – will decide our path as a warrior, protector, mage, priest, murderer, marksman, vampire or bard, each with a personalized style of play.
More than 10 professions – Adventurer, dealer, collector, Arcanist,botanist, astrologer, Armorsmith, Alchemist …

Guilds Centers – We have access to special features of the guild, such as missions, housing, the characters and the clan against clan war.

Characteristic PvP System – We capture the souls of our enemies Orbs to replenish HP, MP or perform special abilities during the heat of battle

Auction House – allows players to sell their booty to the highest bidder


System of devotion – Pray to the gods and will receive special blessings

Dungeons dynamics – Its difficulty levels are adjusted according to the character’s experience.

Awesome team – Weapons and equipment evolve and acquire new physical appearances

Versatility in animals – mice serve multiple purposes and are indispensable in battle

Auto Navigation System for Search – It is impossible to miss you.

A fairly complete game but it does not work or Mac / Linux, so I wanted to use the Wine.

You can download it from the official page or from steam too (I have to do an article of this game store). Here is the official link

After multiple tests on my Mac did not get to install the game, but I found the solution was to install in a virtual machine (Virtual Box, VMware or Parallels), update it and then drag it into the wrapper created in Wine.

In the wrapper use Winetricks with:

-Winetricks: dot20, dx3d9, vcrun2005, vcrun2008, vcrun6, wininet, ddr: opengl, host. Fonts: All Asian and corefonts.

Create account and enjoy the game. Highly recommended.

(Changes 09/08/2012)

This game have some problems for the graphics icons and spells. But i have here the solution for play perfectly without problems.

1. Install directx 9.0c directly from microsoft, no winetricks(winetricks have an old version)

2. Install GDI+ from winetricks

3. Change Wine version to 1.5.1

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