Enhancement Shaman PvP Guide for Worl of Warcraft



This guide is for Cataclysm.
The Shaman is a player who is in conjunction with the elements and in this case also have melee attacks and spells.
After this little introduction we explain the basics of the game player vs. player (pvp).

We have several types of pvp in wow that are: Duels, battlegrounds and arenas.


As fighters our armor is medium and endure well as long as we take a lot of resilience. The resilience is essential to absorb more damage. At the beginning it will be difficult to have that resilience and we have to find a way to have more based either temple gems and enchantments. As we get closer to 3000 we can change these gems and enchants for agility or master. The jewel of the alliance is essential for duels. Oddly enough I do not wear this jewel and i have two trinkets of damage. Also keep about 5% hit rating and about 21 of expertise would be perfect (I go with 15 only). In the cape need spell penetration for our attacks with nature and fire. Slower weapons better. The rest, agility or mastery

Talents and weapon enchants.

Here everyone chooses how to fight but I recommend having at least one point in the talent lightning shield is an injury ability because it does not cost mana and doing quite well against melee classes that are our greatest enemy. Concerning the shaman weapon enchants, on the right hand Windfury (Windfury against plates dont work very good ) and frost on the left or flametongue to do more damage but you lose the slow from frost  and have to fill with ice shock or nex totem. Concerning other enchants best is landslide and a chain at the other for disarm.


The attack rotation is relative and depends on the situation, but this would be the basic:
2-Unleashing elements
3-If 4 or 5 loads of searin then use lava lash
4-if 4 or 5 charges of maelstrom cast heal or lightning.


This is a class that usually can stun entire fight, but eventually I found a strategy to win. They usually begin with sap, do nothing, wait until you let them see and of course started leaving us poisoned at this time is the time to use the gem and throw the following totems: Earth link, searing (or another fire damage), and also heal, totem of wind fury if is a duel you have to throw a before. All this must be done out of hand for not giving back and using the lightning shield and other shocks to lower the bar quickly. Also a good idea to shoot the wolves at this time for stun and make more damage. If they stun again use shield for resist. The wolves will continue hitting and healing you for sure, between the lightning shield, wolves and a blow you give they go to kiss the canvas.


Another class that may seem invincible because they are harmful but are a anticlase justmente of the blades. As you see roots coming ice used and hopefully will use the jewel of the alliance at which you are using the frog and strip totems: link, tongue of fire, healing or mana stream which you like best and Grounding. Of course all these totem linkeados in any group. It is also time to start purging bag until it fits no buff, no buffs almost does not hurt when you do not have buffs is when you have to hit and when life is low use his immune shield (it should be look good because they use a shield but can bleed) and cured and will put the seals back to full advantage and also curate and replace totems because stunearte try and swallow him the Grounding, ranarlo try again and repeat. Be especially careful as you put the wings because hits hard with them but also purged.
Let’s go to another class that will give us many problems is the branch heal. This branch often lead shield and are very hard to kill.This fight can last long because it seems that they are not spent mana but trankilos that eventually runs out. This requires purging to stop because they occasionally have an instant cure. I in this case I usually keep the wolves to a turning point and use your stun to finish him off. Do not worry its almost no damage.

Death Knights

We must distinguish the three branches blood, frost and unholy.Actually only one of them can be very dangerous and is the branch blood because they heal. The others tend to fall while the profane always with his army and gargoyle can be more difficult. Please use your frog to save time. The branch has no major problem frost. The profane is his army of dead, no matter you see the sack, if you use the gargoyle and kill it seeks ranarlo because it removes a lot too.Please use your totems always Grounding. Following these tips and healing you from time to time you can win this class.


This class can give you more of a pain in the head because he hit as hard as you, have plates and more energy than us. Plates advise use of flame weapon better than frost. We will use the same totems that with the shovel and possibly begins with a burden, and prepare for his colossal smash leave us without armor for 6 seconds, here’s anger advise using shaman and we have to get the wolves when we can. We will not use the gem (if we have to advise it duels) to make us throw that lasts 5 seconds of stun and can kill us at the time. If we have little power Ranař and what you can cure you. With these tips and using whenever possible stone claw can win


Hunters will try to attack us and keep us away but if we approach our caresses will suffer. Let’s start by totems, connection, healing stream, burning and Grounding that will eat a special arrow, attentive because they are experts at destroying totems and that there will be replacing. The possible use an arrow to stunearnos that swallows the Grounding Grounding unless we use wrath of the shaman. We also launched the pet, then to hunt and kill ranamos fast the pet when the pet is dead wolves threw him and use the speed of approaching wolves jumping to avoid traps. It must be said that the fighters are very heavy and we will avoid the traps and trap a lot but in the end almost always win because they stick more and also we heal


Priests have three branches begin by shadows. Totems are using force, burning, healing power and Grounding. The SACERS are casters so if we stay close soon are going to kill us also because using authentic anticasters Grounding and courts can annul much wind and prevent us lanzen spells. In this case the shadow priest using instant curses enough so you have to use purged continuously to remove the shields because without shields usually die very fast and can be cured although not usually do because they lose the shape of the shadows. Make use tremor to remove the fear. On to the holy, we see few very few, these are very easy and cuts wind and using Grounding totems and they die very quickly. Finally, the most difficult, the discipline will be using the same totems and they will also try to burn the mana to use the same attacks as the shadow but do not remove too much pain. We’ll have to purge their shields and hit it hard, the wolves will use them to use the stun for a time when energy is low possibly last long but ultimately fall.


Here can not distinguish the classes because they closely resemble and foremost, I say that witches take lots and so must be killed quickly. Totems are force or nexus, mana or healing stream, burning and our dear Grounding the often attempt to use fear to cast their most powerful attacks but with tremor and we will rid us cutting wind, besides you have to purge the shield are placed and hit them hard.Thus always tend to fall


We will differentiate between fire wizards and such that removes much but are quite easy to kill using Grounding and breaks wind and ice all the time we have frozen or cold. On whether to use the same strategies the only thing is to play with different totems. I will focus on the ice because they are really more difficult, we will use that nexus talents removed the slow, burning, healing or mana and Grounding. The most important thing is to stay close to the magician the maximum time for as long as possible to cause the freeze us and we slow down, but the link between wolves and wolves speed not escape us. Teleport away and possibly re-locate to Grounding and also will use stone claw to cushion the damage the exploited to cast. If we have to heal, we heal ourselves we will use frog and what we can or at least to use maelstrom charges for a great cure. We also will use the copies, I usually destroy the copies and heal with loads and then come back for him.


Three types of shaman, similar strategies.
Let’s start with the basic, commonly used are magicians and fire and lightning far away and must be killed quickly. We will use nexus, burning, protection or healing and Grounding. They started using shock of fire that will eat the Grounding and cut off lava burst, we use wolves and we are at his side, will use thunderstorm but with the speed of wolves and probably end up with Grounding them sooner than expected . The improvement to be like us all depends on who does more damage over the rough, just change the totem of fire protection by burning and also will use the claw of stone and Grounding damage to cushion and absorb shocks. To heal we will use the same as for elementary but we will use the mana or healing, this fight is probably wear it until you run out of mana can not kill him or do not worry and anger hit him with everything using the shaman to not spend mana and eventually kiss the ground.

This is the basis for duels, but always can use other strategies course.

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