Castle Master 3d, Strategy, Rpg and Hack Slash for Iphone / Android


I bring you a fun game for iPhone / Android and also is totally  free to play. Let us look how it works.

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Shaiya, Free competitve MMO for Mac / Linux

The other day I decided to try this game because someone speak well about, and here is for Mac and Linux fully playable.

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Diablo 3, new anime Video !!!


New Blizzard stunning cinematic video and tells the story of the war about Angels and Demons in Diablo 3. Check it out for free, of course.


Changes in Top 10+ free Mac / Linux games


We make new changes to the “Top list 10+ free games” with new games for the players. Here´s the Link:


Battle of the Inmortals, quality Diablo clon for Mac / Linux for free

Battle of the Immortals is a mmo where you play the same way as the famous Diablo, waiting to come out Diablo 3 we can try this spectacular game.

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