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World games

I bring you a special website with thousands of online games and the best notice all are really for free to play.

This is the direct link to the websitehttp://macutopia.es/mundo-de-juegos/

GAME Neverwinter new videos for Guardian Fighter Class

Guardian Fighter class



I bring you all two new videos about this amazing game and Guardian Fighter class. These videos are Pve versus a secondary boss to make a view of the content of the game and how the class is working, and also an PVP approximation  in a Battleground 5vs5.


PVP Video:
video game

PVE Video versus a Boss


video game

FREE GAMES of the week “”Castlevania the Lecarde Chronicles”


If you like vampire game series  Castlevania, here I bring you  a totally free remake of Castlevania created by fans of this incredible saga that has long been with us.

It is a platform game with great quality and because this has been positioned as a free game this week. Do not hesitate and take a look at this great game.

Here you can find the direct link to get all information and also can download this wonderful game:



Forsaken World, amazing mmo for Mac / Linux (last changes)



After a long look in the free mmo scene, I decided to try the game Forsaken World from Perfect World company because I found it quite interesting.

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Dragon Oath, Isometric mmo for Mac / Linux / Windows

Here is another free Windows mmo, lets see what is new.

Dragon Oath is a game that is based on the Chinese novel Tian Long Ba Bu, and is one of the most famous in the Chinese market.

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