Bored of Diablo 3? Try LOKI on Mac / Linux / Windows


Personally, I think Diablo 3 a great game but does not reach the level of its predecessor in terms of gameplay. It is mainly the simplified system for attributes and talents i dont like.For that I bring another proposition which can be very interesting, Loki.

Loki is a game with the same characteristics as the Diablo series, but with some advantages for those who are tired of playing Diablo 3.

The player Takes on the role of one of the 4 main characters (2 male, 2 female), each from a different mythological world: a Norse warrior Whose rugged village Has Been laid to waste, an agile Greek fighter and follower of Achilles, to powerful Egyptian sorcerer set-on own historical destiny and forging an Aztec shaman Whose Life Is dedicated to nature and her people.
Whichever hero  is Chosen, the player will Have to Pursue Seth Each of the 4-through mythologies, in no fixed order, and in so doing will go right to the heart of 4 civilizations.

Each hero has 3 specific skill trees offer a total of That 51 skills. That Means That, across the 4 characters, there are 204 skills (this beat Diablo 3), Each with Special visual effects. The points collected can be Allocated Towards skills as the player Sees fit, attacking or defensive Meaning Strategies That Can Be Continually Redefined Depending on the opponent.

Graphically the game is not the best but the 3d graphics ambientate very well all mythologies (better than Diablo 2). The sound is not bad and the gameplay is also good and we want to know all the skills of each character.

This game is not for Windows and Mac / Linux but through Wine we can play without any problems:

1 – Create Wrapper with version 1.4.

2 – Go to Winetricks and install: dot20, ie8, dx3d9, vcrun2005, vcrun2008, msxml3, vcrun6, wininet, host. Fonts: All Asian and corefonts.

3 – download / buy the game on official page or even copying the folder from Windows.

4 – install, update and create account

5 – Play.

A game for action RPG fans, for the modest price of 9.99 € can revive the good times of the Diablo series

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