Guild Wars also for Mac !!


We have the Mac version of this famous game is still in beta but you can play. For play you need Lion minimum system version and the following specifications:

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Play World of Warcraft 4.3.4 Twilight, Mac / Linux


I bring the guide to play World of Warcraft Cataclysm for Mac and Linux . I always recommend playing Blizzard official game but if you have no money for subscription this is the other option left for the poor people.

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HexGl, Wipe Out clon totally free for Mac / Linux / Windows

If you remember the days of the PSX, came a futuristic racing game where you play at infernal speed and a bestial techno music, the game called Wipe Out.

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League of Legends For Mac ( Solution)

I bring the solution to play League of Legends on our Macs.

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Game of the Week, Dungeon Rampage action rpg free for all. Flash game.

I bring you this week a game made in Flash and is really very addictive. If you like games like Diablo this game has many reminiscences of the mentioned title.

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