War Of the Inmortals, Another Diablo 3 Clon for Mac / Linux / Windows


About 2 months ago we analyze the game Battle of the Immortals, here is the sequel also produced by Perfect World.

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Dragon Oath, Isometric mmo for Mac / Linux / Windows

Here is another free Windows mmo, lets see what is new.

Dragon Oath is a game that is based on the Chinese novel Tian Long Ba Bu, and is one of the most famous in the Chinese market.

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Dragon Age Legends, download for Free Mac / Windows

Bioware puts direct to download the single version of Dragon Age Legends who put in the past to play in browsers and  Facebook.

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Castle Master 3d, Strategy, Rpg and Hack Slash for Iphone / Android

I bring you a fun game for iPhone / Android and also is totally  free to play. Let us look how it works.

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Argo Online, The Steam Punk mmo

Set in a postapocalyptic future, I bring this mmo that has given me a pleasant surprise for its interesting history.

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