Perfect World, play this amazing mmo for free


Perfect World is an MMO based on Chinese mythology and set in the world of Pangu. As the name suggests, belongs to the company Perfect World.

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Play ” Jade Dynasty ” for free in Mac / Linux


Here is another mmo game from Perfect World company based on Asian martial arts, really the game has enough quality to entertain and more if we are tired of World of Warcraft.

Champions Online, Superheroes in your screen for Mac/Linux

Another free game of Superheroes that shows that the image of the hero who saves the planet is not outdated.


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Changes in the Guide of Aion, Tower of Eternity

After a few complaints saying that Aion was not working, I decided to review the guide and I added some code to play without problems
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Diablo 3, new anime Video !!!


New Blizzard stunning cinematic video and tells the story of the war about Angels and Demons in Diablo 3. Check it out for free, of course.