Guild Wars, Amazing game for Mac/Linux.


I´m surprised how well it works this game on my Mac, I installed it to test and I see that even the highest quality the game moves very fluently over 30 fps on average.

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Fallen Earth, mmo/fps online free for Mac/Linux


Fallen Earth is a game set in a post-apocalyptic future where life on earth has been decimated by a virus called Shiva and we must do everything possible to survive in a hostile environment filled with enemies like us and mutants.

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Runes of Magic, play this game in your Mac !!

This game is an online mmo quite famous in the Windows world and also has no cost to our pockets, only cost is with micropayments for special objects but you can take this objects with more work, of course.

This game is the typical mmo game online (even call it WOW clone) with the same type of missions of others. That’s not to say that’s not good, but it is very similar to wow but free. The graphics are not the best you can see, but are right and in some scenarios are nice to see.


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Amazing free game for our Macs, Savage 2









Someone maybe remember the first part, but if not, no matter you can play without problems.

In this game there are two types of races, humans and beasts, which struggle to control the opposite base in several ways.

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Play Rift mmo Online in your Mac !!

Here’s Rift an mmo online with unquestionable quality.

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