Game Guild Wars 2 End Video. Really?



Final video first chapter of the mmo game GUild Wars 2


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GAME Neverwinter new videos for Guardian Fighter Class

Guardian Fighter class



I bring you all two new videos about this amazing game and Guardian Fighter class. These videos are Pve versus a secondary boss to make a view of the content of the game and how the class is working, and also an PVP approximation  in a Battleground 5vs5.


PVP Video:
video game

PVE Video versus a Boss

video game

GAME Aion 4.5 New Class Aethertech video. Best games


In the last patch 4.5,  the games Aion have a new class for play.
First you need to select Technic class and level up until level 10 an then you can select the new class. Aethertech is like a melee but with some range attacks, also have a lot of armor for this i think they can tank sometimes because they are like metal robots.

But best make a view of this first look-vídeo.


Game Aion Chanter PVP Guide

aion chanter


AION PVP GUIDE click here

Chanters are not the best DPS in the game, if the class you want is the class with the most DPS then this is not the right class for it. But this doesn’t meanChanters have bad DPS, far from it. I’d say played right they can kill you in seconds, played wrong then your just a guy with a stick poking tickling people to death. But because of our average > high DPS, our support more then makes up with it. With our range of heals and buffs, highish HP and high Parry/Shields. We’re a class to be reckoned with on the battlefield. If this is the class you want, a support/DPS class who is more based on group play/duo and uses melee to smite his foes. Then chanter is for you.




Gear, gear is all a matter of choice/preference.



Now this is quite a nice build, we stack +17 crit stones until we reach 700+ crit (you choose, 700 id say is the best since you get more of other stats) with scroll and mantra buff (+65 crit), then stack HP until your slots are filled, the reason this is a good build is because you get more survivability but get to keep your damage. This is my habitual build



This is a good build but only really helps with classes who are high on evasion (sins/rangers) since most classes wont have high then 2.1k evasion unless they’re stacking it. Same as the first build use crit stones to get to 700+ crit, then socket accuracy.


Full MR:

This is quite the tricky one, its nice at times then not at others. since the max you can get around without wasting to much crit is about 2k. But if you do go this build then id say socket a little crit, otherwise you’ll be a wet noodle. With this you just socket full magic resist + 14 stones (On the NCC Chain Set only, otherwise it doesn’t work) and you should get around 2k MR, this can be helpful at times against sins/rangers/glads/temps/other chanters/block/mb clerics/mb sms and sorcs (but I still think they’d hit you) that do not stack macc, but if you come against a sorc/sm with macc this wont do anything and your better off switching to a hp set or a damage set.


Crit/MR(Like the HP build, without the HP):

This is a build I quite liked, you have enough crit (700+ again) and mr to resist most skills from classes that arnt magical/stacking macc, and you get to keep your damage. So stack up to 700+ crit then socket mr (id recommend full NCC again).



Not a build I’ve tried yet, but It could use some looking into (since evasion seems to be quite a hefty build against melees) use leather NCC and socket full evasion (would be a nice set as an off-set if you have the toll, but don’t waste money on it since It might not work).



Full accuracy, mainly a offset for block clerics/evasion people.


Now for weapons. (If i missed out builds, tell me in the commends)



Extendable staff is the best option if you have the luck to take a level 54 and 60 staff, if not take the Karhun staff (abyss staff take a long time) and mix with a crucible one.



Really only for support/MR/Block Chanters, You’ll hit for shocking amounts (and not in the good way with this).

But Extendable/Non-extend with cast time mace and Any type of shield if you do want to do it.


Right now after that’s done. In my opinion Id say get the e60 set with crit/hp or crit/accuracy first (or a mix between the three) and get your extendable first if possible, then work on your other sets.




Combat Oriented: These builds are more attuned solo and group PvP. They may still provide a minimal level of decent support coverage, though just don’t expect them to cover all the bases as compared to the first group.


Not a build I would recommend, numbing blow isn’t the best as it can be resisted. + you miss a knockdown.



Pure Combat Chanter (Numbing Lock Tree Ver):


– Rage Spell I

– Binding Word I

– Splash Swing III

– Stamina Restoration IV

– Blessing of Wind IV

– Mountain Crash II

– Disorienting Blow II

– Numbing Blow I

– Recovery Spell II

– Protective Ward VI

– Hit Mantra II


Note: Word of Inspiration is swapped out for Hit Mantra instead


Pure Combat Chanter (Soul Lock Ver 1):


– Rage Spell I

– Binding Word I

– Splash Swing III

– Stamina Restoration IV

– Blessing of Wind IV

– Mountain Crash II

– Soul Crush II

– Word of Inspiration I

– Recovery Spell II

– Protective Ward VI

– Soul Lock II


Note: For the more reliable damage junkie

The build I WAS using , the damage is great and so is the survivability (not so great against magical classes), Id say this is the best build for duo/solo play. The only negative is you miss out disorientating, but the extra blind/ranged move can really help


Combat Chanter (Survival Ver):


– Protective Ward V

– Healing Burst II

– Stamina Restoration IV

– Mountain Crash II

– Numbing Blow II

– Soul Crush II

– Rage Spell I

– Binding Word I

– Recovery Spell II

– Splash Swing III

– Disorienting Blow II


One I really want to look into using, this would help so much against magic classes + im pretty sure you’d be imba in support. (But no word of inspir which is a disappoint) use this if you want that extra bit of surviv + keep your damage.


Ending Notes: Whatever build a Chanter may choose, never leave out these essential stigmas:


1) Recovery Spell

2) Protective Ward (especially since this is buffed up in 2.5)


Ok, buff management and CDs are a very important thing to chanters, as you know chanters have the most group buffs in the game, and probably the most solo buffs to (apart from sins I suppose, would have to check that. Not that it matters ;p). I wont mention mantras here, as Ill save that for later. B



Word of Spellstopping I(Elyos only, asmos are the same version really without the healing but absorbs more): Creates a shield for 15s that can block damage with 100% probability each time you and your allies within a 20m radius receive all attack, and recovers HP by 327 every 3s. The shield blocks 40% of the damage you receive until it blocks a total of 5000 damage.

Self explanatory. 40% less damage for 15s, + a heal in total that heals for 1635 (327*5) over 15 seconds (as long as the shield doesn’t wear off). The good thing about this skill is it works on all players around you, even if there not in your group.

10 min CD, instant cast. This buff is important when used right can make you/your group win, waste it and you’ve just wasted the biggest CD in the world for chanters.

Good times to use it: Before massive damage is incoming. Before your group runs into another one/under attack by another group.

Bad times to use it: Before a sorc sleeps you (they’ll just waste it), at 100% HP and running away.


Word of Quickness: 50% less casting time for 30s, for your group + you.

A great buff when under pressure, for you and your group. You can make sorcs kill people in seconds and clerics heal people up in a blink of an eye.

Good times to use it: When under pressure. Need quick healing/DPS. Need quick CC

Bad times to use it: When everyone’s cc’d. Before a sorc sleeps you (again, they’ll just waste it )


Protective Ward VII: Creates a protective shield for 10s that has a 100% chance of blocking damage whenever you are hit by all attack, and increases your resistance to Stumble. The protective shield blocks 46% damage from each attack.

You get this from your stigmas, a great SOLO debuff for you. A shield which resists stumbles and really makes peoples debuff cut in half for 10s. A great skill use it wisely

Good times to use it: When under pressure, Need to block inc damage. When a sorc is casting glacial on you or something/Sin pops full CDs and trys to have at you.

Bad times to use it: When not even taking any damage. Before a sorc sleeps you.



Blessing of Wind IV: For 30s, there is a 100% chance of inflicting additional 224 damage to the target each time you attack.

This skill hurts, used right you can kill people so fast they wont know happened. Downside, its a stigma. If you havn’t taken it then well. Make sure you always weave with this skill (ACC, Ill explain later) and make sure you don’t waste it. Note, this buff is only for you no one else. Also, 224 isnt much on the skill but when you add in the rest PvP attack and modifiers can hit up to 553

Good times to use it: When in need of massive damage. When in need of more DPS. When you need to nuke dat fuka down.

Bad times to use it: When you think a sin/ranger is going to attack you from hide. (Here it comes) When a sorc sleeps you.


Rage spell: 15% physical attack, 20% more cast time on heals. Good skill for DPS if your using recovery spell, you wont notice 20%. Youll notice 15% physical attack. lasts for 30m and gives you a glow effect on you that spins :F


Word of Inspiration: Word of Inspiration I

Increases Magic Boost by 100, Accuracy by 100, and Physical Attack by 20% of your group members within a 20m radius of you for 15s.

I love this skill, 10s CD. Insta cast. Costs some mana though. But you’ll notice how much 20% + accuracy and MB helps. Don’t stack, use only for group pvp


Promise of wind: 5% chance for more damage, pretty nice for DPS. Use this for more DPS if you want it, nice when it procs hits like 500or more.


Promise of earth: 10% chance for a attack speed reduction on the target, a nice little debuff. Not sure how much it actually slows by but i’d imagine its quite a bit. Use this for more CC/Control if you want it.


Blessings: More phisycal defense and 15% more hp 1 hour buff, literally no CD. Whats not to love, make sure this is always on.


If I missed any important ones please mention below .


Hallowed Strike


Yes, hallowed strike does deserve its own section. This is such an important skill on every class. This skill reduces attack speed (By a whole lot might I add), and is un-pottable. Making it such a deadly move I know people who kill chanters because they don’t like it/roll chanters to tick people off with it.

Hallowed strike V: Inflicts 275-279 physical damage on the target.

The target’s attack speed decreases for 10s. 8s CD insta cast. Usable while running. This is an excellent skill for kiting and should be one of the first skills you used, its chain skill is a stun (ranged might I add), or booming strike which is a DPS move which reduces psychical defense by 5%. Then a follow on skill for that which reduces movement speed, and if the next one procs a skill which hits hard. Such a nice skill and should always been used when its off its CD (Hallowed strike here.) The fact is you can ruin someones day by hallowed striking them, as it increases there speed by a lot, use it on a sin they mess up there weaving, use it on a glad they have about 2.8 attack speed, maybe more. This helps against every class and you should always keep the debuff up if you can.

Good times to use it: All the god damn time.



Rotation and AAC, Well, where to start?.


Chanters don’t have a set rotation more of a priority list, but I know if I didn’t put this section in people would be all. “BUT WHT SKILLZ DO I USE IN WHT ORDER SIR!!”. So, the first thing you want to do is Inescapable Judgement or mountain crash for more damage id say, if they waste there remove shock from a distance you have the advantage, if you can use Soul Crush in time so you get the knockdown (unless they RS). Then follow into a hallowed strike > stun > soul crush (if you get the stun, and they have no rs/soul crush off cds) > knockdown chains > Meteor strike chain (if it procs all the way, moar stumbles/slows/weakness). If you ever parry, use Parrying Strike/Splash Swing since its a stun/loads of dps.


For the chanter class you just need to keep them knockdown’d and weave/AAC between each skill.

Are they stunned? If yes start debuffing, if no do something about it(unless remove shock is up,they did remove shock, carry on to debuffing until it finishes)

Are they debuffed? If yes start DPSing/stunning, if no start debuffing and make sure they’re under CC.

Are they melee and not stunned? If yes blind them, if no then stun them if you can.


Rotation is a hard thing for a chanter(To explain, there is no rotation really).

Id say go against a target dummy and see what all your skills do, you just need to make sure they’re debuffed/stunned at all times/most of the time.


Now for AAC. AAC Means Auto-Attack-Cancelation. This means, using a skill just after your auto attack goes off to cancel the animation of the auto attack to get more dps.


These are for assassins, but it works with all classes. Use AAC For the extra DPS and higher chance for a KD, your auto attacks can sometimes hit up to 1k per hit (can sometimes hit 2/3 times) so an extra 2k damage in between skills hurts.